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"Jan came into my mother's life after my father died and finances needed straightening out... Jan is an excellent bookkeeper with a broad knowledge of issues relevant to her clients. But equally important, she has a natural affinity for the elderly, which she applies with great warmth, humor and compassion. My mother was VERY reluctant to give up control of things she could no longer handle, and could be very difficult. It's a testament to Jan's abilities that she quickly became my mother's friend and confidant. I enthusiastically recommend her to anyone of seasoned vintage who needs help with their finances."
- Peter K.

"My CPA sent me to Jan and I wish she had done it sooner. I have saved hundreds of dollars on late fees, my income taxes are filed before the deadline and my extra dollars go to my favorite charities."
- Ruth L.

"Though I am in Minneapolis, working with Jan has been effective and efficient. Jan has been our liason and accountant with the attorneys and banks in Seattle. My son Ira and I are impressed with her insight and guidance. We are honored and pleased to be a reference for Jan."
- Herb I.

"Jan was recommended to me to help me care for my elderly father and his girlfriend. She immediately recognized their individual and quite different needs, matched them with the help they required, and continued to monitor their situations, adding whatever financial services were required as their health declined. Jan is a very rare gem."
- Ann R.

"Jan is a dream come true. She is a unique balance of caring, mild-mannered, accounting skills and a keen financial know-how. Jan is flexible and always a pleasure to work with. She makes those complicated tasks doable. Without her expertise and service, I would be in quite the quandry."
- Rivy P. K.

"My partners and I have been associated with Jan for the past 8 years and I have referred clients and their families to her because of her excellent work and reputation."
- Curt O.