04 28 09
The Universal Language

Having been extremely busy, it seems lately that I am getting out of touch with the best aspect of this work - being with the oldest old people in our community... more about trusts

07 24 08
Elderlaw and Special Needs

Yesterday at Senior Services the volunteers had a presentation featuring Elder Law attorney Sean Bleck.  His topic was Trusts, particularly Special Needs trusts... more about trusts

02 17 09
Living long on hot dogs

The most delightful lunch I've ever had at Costco, eating hot dogs with CL and JW, a pair of octogenarians from a downtown Independent/AL facility... more about trusts

07 25 08
Cyberspace and Taxes

Very independent , with-it  client Viviane, aged 90.  This year for the first time since she has paid  quarterly estimated tax to the IRS, she forgot to send in her April payment until it was time to send in the June payment... more about trusts

07 26 08
Concerts on a limited budget

Attended the summer Chamber Music Festival emerging artist concert at McKay Chapel on the Lakeside  School campus... more about trusts

05 15 09
Case Study: Using Collaboration

MP is an 81 year-old widow with no family and no support network. Diagnosed with borderline personality disorder, she was manipulative and could be difficult. more about trusts

07 17 08
What to look for in adult daycare

Wednesday morning I had an opportunity to visit Elderwise,  an adult day program in central Seattle... more about trusts

06 30 08
Parenting the parents

My three sisters met with my parents in their estate attorney's office to discuss issues relating to our parents' estate plan... more about trusts

08 04 10
When family lives far away

Single, widowed male client age 88, living at home with 24 hr care- mild dementia- children live several states away... nurse care manager