Janis Blauer-Chima's passion is to empower our most senior community members to maintain independence and control of their lives for as long as possible.

What Janco Fiduciary & Estate Services does most is care. She acts as a bridge to CPA, attorney, or other trusted professionals. She handles each client's situation as unique and with respect and confidentiality. She has a complete understanding of options available to the elderly and how best to utilize them. And she advocates for those unable to do so themselves.

Her background combines business and accounting in the fields of banking, non-profits, public accounting and skilled trades. Jan's formal education began with a Bachelor's degree in Fine Arts from the University of Washington and took a different turn when she returned to Seattle Community College to study accounting and tax. This eclectic mix gives her the vocabulary to interact on behalf of clients with financial and tax professionals.

Jan genuinely has a soft spot for her clientele. She is a force yet not pushy. In turn, her elderly clients respect her opinion, appreciate her attention, and gain from her association.

Certified Senior Advisor
Jan became a certified Senior Advisor after completing a nationally accredited program to affirm her commitment to working on behalf of older adults.

American Association of Daily Money Managers
Jan is a member of the American Association of Daily Money Managers and the American Society of Women Accountants.